Find Your Fire

A Glendon eAmbassador blog

About Me

Salut! Je m’appelle Ana Felisa.
Your Girl, Ana – in the land of stroopwafels, windmills and clogs

Aside from studying Psychology and Linguistics (minor) at Glendon College, I’m also working towards my D-TEIL certificate.

I’ve worn many hats during my 4 years (and counting) at York U – Glendon:

  • eAmbassador for the Recruitment office
  • Orientation Leader for Frosh
  • Global Ambassador for York International (Keele Campus)
  • Research Assistant at a Psychology Lab at Keele

I’m an aspiring minimalist, meme curator, amateur astrologer, mediocre dancer, indie music/film enthusiast, and traveling is my life…

In fact, I studied abroad in the Netherlands as part of an exchange program at Utrecht University. My exchange is without a doubt the most memorable part of my degree. I always look back at my time there with fondness 💜.

My love of writing + my love of the internet = the birth of this blog. This site will serve as a platform for self-expression, lifestyle, academic tips, and anything else I feel like writing about 🙂 I hope you stick around and join me as I chronicle my life as a Glendon student!

Find Your Fire” encompasses the importance of living your truth, your passion and your voice in a way that speaks to your purpose, whatever that may be. I’m not quite there yet, but to me, finding your fire is a lifetime, ongoing process. So please, join me on this journey.

Twitter: anafelisagl

Instagram: eambassadorsgl

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