Mark your calendars!

Glendon’s spring open house will take place on Sunday, March 31st – meet students, talk to professors, take a campus tour, learn about your program, etc. Also, get the chance to win a $5000 scholarship! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me…

As a student ambassador, I always look forward to meeting prospective students and their parents, talking and engaging with them.

Part of it has to do with the fact that I see myself in them; I get second-hand excitement all of a sudden. It’s been 4 years since my high school graduation so in a way, it’s nice to relive those moments.

Looking back, I’ve had my fair share of misconceptions about uni. Such as:

  • Professors are scary academics.
  • My grades will for sure drop during first year!
  • I’m not gonna have time for anything else.
  • I’m gonna magically have everything together.

I’ve come to learn that all of those things aren’t necessarily true. Based on my personal experiences, professors really do want you to succeed. They certainly won’t spoon-feed you but for the most part, I’ve found most of them to be pretty approachable. Professors are just like us, people. Except they have PhD’s.

Fortunately, I didn’t notice any significant changes in my grades during my first year of university. I think Jumpstart (Glendon’s Academic Orientation in late August/early September) really prepared me in knowing what to expect, from the amount of workload to taking effective notes. With experience, I find that this does get easier. You get into a certain flow and learn along the way.

Because time tables are structured differently in university, managing your own time will be a balancing act at first. Having this much freedom requires a lot of responsibility and discipline. Take it slow, learn at your own pace, and stay organized! However you choose to do those things is completely up to you. Not everyone self-manages with planners and coloured pens – and that’s okay. You do you, boo (as they say).

Lastly, these 4-5 (or more) years obviously won’t make you magically have everything together. It’s good to plan things and have a good sense of where you see yourself in the next 5 years, but don’t stress about it too much.

University is more than just attending lectures and doing your readings. Maybe you find that you really enjoy one of your extracurriculars and may want to pursue it further. Be open to changes as you never know when the next great opportunity may come up!

I hope you decide to come visit us on Experience Glendon! Nous avons hâte de vous accueillir !

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Instagram: eAmbassadorsGL