For those of you who regularly read my blog, which by the way, thank you, all 3 of you! You may have noticed that my site underwent a bit of a makeover.

I changed up my theme so it looks less like a wedding announcement site and more like a relatable, polished, easy-to-navigate student blog. I also promised to really commit to posting weekly, without letting myself fall off the blogging wagon. Believe me, it’s a lot harder than it looks. What keeps me going is my love for writing and my commitment to making time for my hobbies. We can exist without doing things out of our inherent need to create, but we are better when we let it flourish.

Which brings me to the main theme that I’d like to discuss today…

The renaming of my site as “Find Your Fire” (previously titled, Monday Musings).

Aside from the fact that the title’s alliteration made the former English major in me all excited, I wanted to embrace the metaphor of fire (also, I’m a Sagittarius which is a fire sign…it all comes full circle) and loved the idea of working it into what I’ve come to refer to as my passion project, a positive space that allows me to pour my heart out, out there for the world to read.

When I think of fire I think of passion, warmth, light, energy, life, power, yet by the same token, fire can cause devastation and when we don’t attend to it, we burn out. The duality of this symbol, to me, reflects the notion that the world isn’t black or white, and nothing is purely good or purely bad. Everything comes in shades of grey, and sometimes we must embrace contradictions, no matter how uncomfortable they can be.

When choosing our life paths after high school, the uncertainty of the future comes face to face with society’s conventional notion that we must all follow a linear path to success: go to school, get a degree, get married, have 2 and a half kids, and live in a house with a white-picket fence. Yet in today’s pluralistic world, this way of life has come under scrutiny for many people, myself included.

“Find Your Fire” encompasses the importance of living your truth, your passion and your voice in a way that speaks to your purpose, whatever that may be. I’m not quite there yet, but to me, finding your fire is a lifetime, ongoing process. So please, join me on this journey.

Talk to you next Monday!

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