Last semester, I decided to go back to speech therapy for my teenage stutter that came back with a vengeance.

Sadly, my ten sessions ended last month and I really miss spending my Saturday mornings in that cute little office but nevertheless, I am thankful for the opportunity to have gone and for the techniques that my SLP taught me.

During one of our sessions, she challenged me by getting me to come up with 20 reasons why stuttering is good.

At first, I thought, “Man, this is going to be hard and honestly, a little bit too chicken soup for the teenage soul” even though I was secretly excited ’cause I knew I could really have fun with this.

If she had asked me to write 20 reasons why stuttering is bad, I could’ve come up with 200 right there on the spot, so this homework assignment was something different.

As I started adding reasons to my list throughout the week, I was amazed at how many reasons (some serious, some cheeky, some heartfelt) I was able to come up with.

Right now, it’s a growing list…and so far I’ve added 5 more so cheers to that!

I wanted to share my list with you today, in case you’re in need of a chuckle (or some inspiration, or something to do instead of your homework)

Without further ado:

  1. Not getting into trouble for running my mouth
  2. Makes me more compassionate when thinking about others
  3. Develops my “patience” muscle
  4. Gives me a very wide vocabulary
  5. Makes me avoid unhealthy fast food because I don’t like ordering food
  6. Makes me appreciate the moments when I can actually speak fluently
  7. Forces me to listen more than I talk
  8. Makes me more interesting 
  9. When people find out, they’re more attentive and forgiving (i.e. presentations)
  10. Makes me relatable
  11. Forces me to slow down
  12. Allows me to observe other people’s mannerisms/quirks
  13. Gives me good body language as a result of having to rely on other forms of communication
  14. Consolidated my love of writing
  15. Gives me talent in wordplay, because I always have to think of what to say
  16. Guys think it’s cute (Hehehe. I don’t know why they just do) 
  17. Forces me to take care of my body (like getting more sleep)
  18. Makes me memorable
  19. Gives me a reason to go to therapy
  20. Gives me a good sense of humour
  21. Forces me to think about my message and filter out unimportant ideas 
  22. Humbles me
  23. Allowed me to open up about my stories and insecurities
  24. Serves as a barometer for how much energy I have left
  25. Challenges me in a good way

Even though I’m no longer in therapy, my SLP did encourage me to keep adding stuff to the list.

I’m not gonna lie, my stutter holds me back sometimes. I don’t speak up when I want to, and it’s embarrassing especially when the other person doesn’t know what the heck just went down with my mouth. But it’s okay, we all have our problems and this is just one of mine.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and stay tuned for more posts next week! À bientôt. 💜

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