Well, hello dear old friend.

In true Mercury Retrograde fashion, I decided that now is the perfect time to get back into the blogging scene. A little update, I suppose.

My exchange in the beautiful city of Utrecht, where I spent the first half of 2018, has sadly come to an end on June 30th. I bid farewell to friends who hailed from all over the world, to my roommate whom I shared an apartment with for 5 months, and to the yummy stroopwafels and fries 😢.

Kinderdijk, Netherlands

I didn’t have much time to be sad as I embarked on what I fondly call “The Great European Adventure”, the first stop being Prague, then from there I went to Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and finally, probably the most unique place I’ve ever been to: *seriously thought I landed on a different planet* Iceland.

Welcome to Mars!

To be honest, I didn’t feel homesick at all during my exchange.

I loved being constantly on the go, taking pictures of beautiful things, living out of a suitcase, calling different hotels and AirBnB’s home, and just getting lost and exploring. Look, I’m a Sagittarius, okay.

Now that I’m back, I admit I’ve been feeling…how do I put this? A little meh.

I know it’s normal to feel this way so right now I’m just focusing on taking things slow.

I’ve been keeping myself busy over the past few days by hanging out with loved ones, reaching out to friends whom I haven’t seen in ages, applying for jobs, and some good old-fashioned Netflix.

Maybe this feeling will pass sooner than expected. For now, I’m taking advantage of the fact that I’ve been waking up at 6 am Toronto time, which is 12 noon Netherlands time WHICH means I have more time to get stuff done. In conclusion, I’ve hacked time.

Okay, not really. BUT it’s nice to be an early bird for a change, you know? It’s actually kinda nice to get an early start to the day. I’m definitely a night owl to the core (sometimes a sleepless bird *shudders*). Did y’all know that Saturday has a morning? Whaaat.

Rambles aside, I take this whole feeling blue thing as a lesson to just breathe and be. You don’t always have to be doing stuff. Existing is enough.