Happy New Year dear friends and readers! Welcoming another year with open arms is symbolic for many – it’s a chance to start anew, hit the reset button, and look forward to another year of making memories and experiencing things that life has to offer. These traditionally take the form of New Year’s Resolutions – which, let’s face it, who can honestly say that they’ve remained faithful to all of theirs by the time December 31st rolls around? Exactly.

In order to make life easier, the #OneWord365 movement encourages us to set our intentions for the year with just one word. I like to think of this one word as an echo, or a whispering voice in our heads that serves to lead us in the right direction when we’re starting to stray off the path we’ve envisioned for ourselves in the beginning of the year. This is one of my favourite eAmbassador traditions, and 2018 happens to be my second year of doing this.

Some of you may be thinking, isn’t choosing just one word too much of a commitment? What if I change my mind halfway through the year? I think the beauty of #OneWord365 is that we can apply one word to many facets of our lives – be it our career, relationships, friendships, health, you name it. I don’t see this as limiting at all – in fact, I really appreciate how much power a single word can have in setting and realizing the intentions that we’ve set for ourselves.

Last year, my word was Minimize  – which I both failed and succeeded at, but that’s another story! For 2018, I choose to (Re)Ignite. *Note the ongoing symbolism of fire on my blog – I’m a Sagittarius who doesn’t appear very fiery to most (you can thank my Capricorn stellium for that) but I figured I gotta honour my sun sign before anything else.*

I toyed with a few words: Fearless, Persist, Blossom, and Grow, were some that came to my head. But when it really came down to it, (Re)Ignite just felt right. Though I still resonate with the words above, they didn’t quite capture the amount of passion and excitement that I wanted to feel once again. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been feeling a bit jaded and tired lately – mainly in terms of school, my relationships with loved ones, and work. I guess Energize could’ve had the same effect but I like how (Re)Ignite goes with my “Find Your Fire” theme – yup, starting off 2018 right by being cohesive with my personal brand/online persona! 😉 

What I hope to gain during exchange is a sense of newfound enthusiasm for my studies – getting catapulted across the pond to Europe, living in a city that I’ve never been to before, along with being surrounded by new languages (remind me to download Duolingo to learn some basic Dutch), new people, and studying in a different academic system should do it. I’m hoping that the solution to the tiredness that I’ve been feeling due to the same old routine that I’ve grown accustomed to is to take a break that lasts almost half a year from it. I also plan to do quite a bit of traveling while I’m there – another way to gain a new, fresh perspective on things is to travel alone, so I’ve heard. I guess I’ll have to see for myself. Overall, I’m looking forward to the version of me that’ll come out of the other side – I can’t wait to meet her!

Also, I cannot believe that I’ll be in 4th year in September. I remember Frosh in my first year like it was yesterday! Right now I plan on taking a 5th year because I don’t want to overwhelm myself. Instead of doing everything at a lightning pace, I’m listening to the old adage that slow and steady wins the race. Remember, direction is better than speed. By spreading out the courses that I want to take in 2 years, I wish to (re)ignite my passion for other hobbies that I’ve sort of left behind in prioritizing my schooling.

I’m really excited for the rest of 2018 – if time travel ever becomes possible in the future, I want it to be the year that I’d love to go back to and just relive. But for now, let’s (re)ignite some of that passion first! 

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À bientôt! 💖

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