*Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Firmoo. I just really love this company and would never recommend something that I don’t genuinely like!*

I knew I needed to start wearing prescription glasses when I was in high school when I kept squinting at the blackboard in class, not due to suspicion, but because it was blurry for some reason. If you wear glasses, then you know how expensive they can be (around $200 – $500). My first pair of glasses certainly weren’t stylish but were definitely expensive.

Photo by: Quickmeme

Firmoo is an online store that specializes in selling quality eyewear. They offer a variety of options in terms of styles, lens type, sizes, etc. I first came across Firmoo on YouTube when I saw a lot of people who gave reviews on the company and only had good things to say about it. Having purchased 3 pairs of prescription glasses from them, I was very satisfied with the quality of the glasses and their customer service. I want to recommend this company to everyone I know because (1) I always get asked where I purchased my glasses (2) Who doesn’t want affordable, stylish, and good quality glasses?

  1. AFFORDABLE PRICES. The most expensive pair of glasses on Firmoo are $39 (USD)! That’s an incredibly good price considering I’ve owned glasses that cost me $400 before. The first pair that I bought from them was $19, and they’re nothing short of adorable! I get lots of compliments on these from total strangers, so that’s how you know they’re sincere 😉 I purchased Anti-Glare and Anti-Scratch lenses for an extra $4.95 as well. I’d say it’s worth adding on.
  2. GOOD QUALITYBecause these glasses are super inexpensive, I had second thoughts about their quality. However, I’ve been wearing my Firmoo glasses for about 2 months now and so far I don’t have any complaints. Of course, it also depends on the style # that you purchase, but what I really like the most about them is that they are sturdy but light at the same time. I noticed how light my Firmoo glasses were compared to my old pair right away. You definitely want light glasses especially if you’re going to be wearing them all day. Your nose bridge can thank me later. As for the lens, they give you the option of uploading your prescription or filling our their online prescription form yourself, and they always got mine right 🙂
  3. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICEFirmoo is very customer-centric and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they replied to my emails. They even offered to give me a free replacement pair when one of the glasses that I purchased came slightly damaged. Shipping was timely and I got my glasses around a week after ordering them. They are definitely there for you every step of the way, whatever inquiries or concerns you may have.
  4. WIDE SELECTIONFirmoo has a variety of styles for everyone, and I’m sure you can easily find something that suits you. They don’t have designer styles, but they do have very trendy ones (think Snapchat filter, vintage, clear glasses style…Yes they’re back in style now). They also have a ‘try-it-on’ option where you can upload a photo of yourself and get an idea of how a pair will look on you before deciding to purchase it.

Overall, I’m really glad that I stumbled upon this company and I hope you check it out for yourself too. Being able to see clearly shouldn’t be a luxury that costs you a fortune (and it doesn’t hurt to look cute while doing it).

Here are some pictures of my glasses:





On that note, welcome back to my blog dear friends! Here’s to another school year, Musing on Mondays with you all.

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