This month, the eAmbassador team A.K.A. Team Awesome has decided to write about the reasons why we’re here at Glendon.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend you read this post I wrote months ago first: Glendon College: A Hidden Gem.

Now that you’ve read that…(or even if you didn’t) then you know that I ended up at Glendon by accident. Serendipity at its finest, I tell you. The sun, the moon, the stars, and the universe have conspired to send me here and that’s the best explanation I can give you…okay here’s the boring real explanation: Glendon wasn’t my first choice. I know, shocker, right? I can’t believe it either. It’s hard for me to picture myself in another university because I am a Glendonite through and through. I’ve honestly never felt the sense of community that Glendon has in any other school that I’ve been to before.

How did I end up here? Long story short, when I was in Grade 11 I was set on applying for a Business program at another university. When it came time to apply for university programs in Grade 12, I put English at York as a third option just because I needed to put one. It’s not like I was gonna end up going there right? Wrong.

Due to the fact that I never intended to go to York, I wasn’t really paying attention to which campus I applied to. I think you know where I’m getting at here. The campus I applied to was lo and behold, the Glendon Campus.

I always like to use the player/nice guy metaphor. Just bear with me here.

Just think of the other university as the bad boy/player whom you’ve been admiring for a while now but they haven’t really been reciprocating your advances and everyone tells you to aim higher and that you could do better but you don’t care because you’re convinced you were just meant to be.

But somewhere in depths of the dreaded friend zone, a nice guy named Glendon is waiting for you to realize that he’s been there all along.

*cue Taylor Swift*

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Glendon offered you early admission as a top scholar, sent you letters in hopes of easing your transition to university, and he’s called you a few times to check how you’ve been doing, and answer any questions you may have etc.  The player you’ve been eyeing on, however, well let’s just say it wasn’t meant to be; but Glendon over here has been stealing your heart.

During my second semester of Grade 12, I was inspired to pursue English at Glendon and that’s when I ended up on their YouTube page and watched the Coeur de Lion chronicles. I was convinced that Glendon was the right choice for many reasons, and after doing more research, I decided to accept my offer of admission.

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I know my analogy might seem ridiculous but it makes perfect sense to me.

I’m just so happy that I somehow ended up in a place that I love! My favourite things about Glendon are the small classes, the friendly students, the beautiful campus, the atmosphere of diversity and acceptance, and its emphasis on international issues and languages, especially now that the world is becoming more and more interconnected. The Glendon community has made me feel so welcomed and it’s why I want to give back and show prospective students what it’s all about. When I was in high school, I was stressed out by the whole process of choosing a university and what program I wanted to take. When I envisioned my future, I couldn’t see myself anywhere. I never would have pictured the life that I have now…and that’s why I’m here.