If you have read my post, “Making the most out of summer vacation” , then you know that I made it one of my summer goals to start exercising regularly and watching what I eat and I can proudly say that I’ve been doing just that!

I purchased Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution early last month and it’s definitely a tough program but it hasn’t been too difficult to maintain. The program is designed to last 90 days and requires you to work out 6 out of 7 days a week, in the comfort of your own home and the best part about it is that each workout only lasts 30 minutes! Yes you read that right, 30 minutes! Anybody can squeeze that short amount of time into their day, so no excuses allowed!!! Also, can we just talk about how beautiful, strong, and encouraging Jillian Michaels is…


…Okay yeah saying she’s tough may be an understatement but hey, she never fails to motivate me to push myself everyday – in the wise words of Jillian, “Get out of your comfort zone because that place sucks!”

I’ve definitely noticed a change in my energy, stamina and strength. Gone are the days when running for the bus had me huffing and puffing and begging for air, the days where I didn’t think twice about what I was eating, had chronic headaches and overall, feeling sluggish all the time. Not to mention, my pants fit way better now, my arms are getting toned and my waist is smaller! Working out isn’t just about your body, it’s about your mind, and your life.


My newfound active lifestyle also had me thinking about what we value and praise in this society. In general, we overwork ourselves to death, don’t eat right, spend too much on material things but don’t allot enough time for cultivating relationships and meaningful experiences. All of this for what? At the end of the day we are anxious and depressed. It’s as if we’ve forgotten what happiness is like and how to find beauty in simplicity. We are an extremely unhealthy culture.

What we should be prioritizing is this very basic thing called health, in every aspect – physical, mental, emotional. This is the foundation of everything that we do in our lives. If we don’t take care of our bodies, where will we live? We need to stop glorifying destructive behaviours such as overworking ourselves to the point of exhaustion and take pride in taking care of ourselves. Too many people are getting burnt out before they get the chance to shine, and it is our responsibility to change our habits before it’s too late.