The time has finally come…summer vacation is just around the corner!

I’ve never had a 4 and a half-month long summer break before (most universities/colleges in Canada start their summer break at around April or May until August) and getting bored and being passive is really easy but I’m not letting that happen! To make this summer productive, I’ve decided to make a list of what I plan to accomplish so this doesn’t end up happening:

  1. Get my G1 driver’s license. In Ontario, all drivers must first do a written test about driving rules and regulations to get a G1 license before moving on to G2 (driving test) and eventually, full G (more privileges, such as driving on highways & whatnot) I’m finally coming around to getting my G1 so I gotta study!
  2. Get regular exercise. Recently, I’ve been working out twice a week at my school’s gym to stay fit and I plan on going 3/4 times a week this summer to keep the momentum going!
  3. Travel and explore. I’ll be going on a Mediterranean Europe cruise for two weeks this summer with my parents and I’m so excited! I’ve never been to Europe before so this will be a memorable trip for sure. Aside from that, I want to explore more of my own city, Toronto, and see this beautiful city through a tourist’s eyes.
  4. Prepare for next year’s courses. Even though it’s summer vacation, it can’t hurt to get ahead on some courses that I’ll be taking next year. I’m taking human anatomy as a requirement for graduate school so I plan on buying a for dummies introduction book on the subject. That way, I won’t be as overwhelmed with all the information (some call it nerdy, I call it being efficient).
  5. Take dance classes. I started taking dance classes last summer at the Underground Dance Centre and I had a blast! (You can read more about it here). Unfortunately, I stopped a couple months ago due to other commitments but I’ll definitely be coming back for sure!

This is just the beginning of my list and I’m sure I’ll enjoy this summer by remaining active and motivated. How do you plan on spending your summer?